Mother Nature

Melodious Mountains

Something I love about BC is the amount of seemingly endless mountain landscapes that you can find here. Almost everywhere you visit is marked by glorious peaks in the background. Even better is hunting them down and getting photos shot right at their base. This one was taken at Davis Lake in Mission, a more hidden spot for lakeside rainy mountains.

Photographer: Erin


One of my favorite past-times is exploring some of the beautiful and hidden locations that are scattered all throughout BC. This photo was taken in a lake hidden deep in the back of Mission. My dad and I had trekked through muddy paths in the pouring rain and found a small beach banking a large lake. Jutting out was this isolated tree, and the scene just instantly brought me peace, hence the name “Ataraxia” for the photo, a Greek word meaning freedom from distress and worry.

Photographer: Erin

Hidden Hayward

I took this photo on a small off-trail along the Hayward Lake Reservoir in Mission. I love using natural elements in compositions of photographs to create a sort of secondary frame within the photo. Though the execution requires some pretty awkward angles, the outcome is well worth it and proved to bring out one of my favorite photographs.

Photographer: Erin